Learning Objectives

Welcome to Module 6: Circular economy life cycle assessment.

This module offers the necessary knowledge and information as for the users to be able to understand the basics of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and to take the perspective of the full life cycle of a product system, the benefits of using life cycle thinking and the connection to the circular economy mindset. The student will be able to apply a life cycle thinking approach and construct a conceptual LCA by gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the entire product life cycle through a theoretical lecture and accompanying interactive exercises with guided examples.

Module 6 presents the basics and philosophy of LCA, starting with an overview of the life cycle approach and insights into the concept of life cycle thinking and continuing with the introduction of the elementary principles of the LCA methodology, with a focus on the relationships and practices that lead to a circular economy.

Module Learning Outcomes – By the end of this module, the student should be able to:

  • explain the concept of Life Cycle Assessment and how to use it
  • describe the main components of the Life Cycle Assessment framework
  • construct a simplified Life Cycle Assessment model
  • understand how to use Life Cycle Assessment in the Circular Economy

The exercises accompany the theoretical lecture. This part of the practical sessions allows further refining of the life cycle thinking skills of the student.

Image by wirestock from Freepik