Activity 1 – Go Goals!

The purpose of this activity is to educate participants about their responsibility as individuals, members of teams and global citizens in the future of the world. For a better future, younger generations, in particular, must play a significant role.

The “Go-Goals!” SDG activity teaches participants about the Sustainable Development Goals, how they affect people’s daily lives and what they can do, on a daily basis, to contribute to the accomplishment of the 17 Goals by the year 2030.

Learn more about the SDGs here: THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (

In the next slide you will see 17 boxes colored and numbered with the 17 goals of SGDs.

Memorize as many of them as you can! →

Name every color with the relative Goal.

Congratulations! You have now aware of 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

You can now build your sustainable business plan.

Lesson Content