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By Associazione JUMP - Italy

The presentation of Associazione JUMP - Gioventù in riSALTO, the italian partner of the CI-YOU project

JUMP was born in 2012 as a cultural association totally new in the context of Calabria focusing on the valorization and the development of the region  which deserves youth energies, commitment and innovative competencies and stressing the importance to develop educational and innovative projects putting into practice the European policies.

JUMP means literally “to jump” so the action of moving up and using all the energy needed to bring a change. The second name of JUMP is Gioventù in riSalto which means “Highlighted Youth” because the organization wants to raise in all the members and in all the European citizens the “youth spirit” inside us.

Since 2015 the JUMP Training Academy has hosted European teachers and partners from many Countries attending different training proposals on new and innovative topics designed as a result of research, studies and experimentation. 
The EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP, the knowledge and passion for Europe are at the base of the daily work, being promoters of European topics and policies. 

Thanks to an intensive work of relationship building, international cooperation and continue learning on EU topics, JUMP matured an almost 10 years experience in EU project design and management, especially in the topics of social entrepreneurship, social innovation, cultural studies in business, cultural heritage, green economy/ecology, circular economy and innovation in education.


Building Europe in a Small Town

JUMP bases its work on a method which we call, “B.E.S.T. Method” – Building Europe in a Small Town which means something simple but not easy to put into action, especially in the South of Italy.

Our method is to make international something that is local and valorise the local through the development of a long term process of internationalisation made of small steps. It’s an internal policy of JUMP: develop innovative training programs for international guests with locals aiming at discovering cultures and traditions of the South and, at the same time, open people’s minds and train all actors in being part of a European community.

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