Learning Objectives Welcome to the Module 7: ECO-DESIGN! This module offers the necessary knowledge and information as for the users to be able to understand the impacts of the product/service and the benefits of such eco design. The student will be able to generate innovative eco design solutions for product/service via an interactive exercise via guided example. Module 7 presents information about basics of eco-design and its principles as well as good practice examples. Source: […]

Module 6 Circular economy life cycle assessment

Learning Objectives Welcome to Module 6: Circular economy life cycle assessment. This module offers the necessary knowledge and information as for the users to be able to understand the basics of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and to take the perspective of the full life cycle of a product system, the benefits of using life cycle thinking and the connection to the circular economy mindset. The student will be able to apply a life cycle thinking […]


Learning Objectives Recognize the core elements needed to realize an inclusive green economy. Determine the factors that will make green economics viable. Identify the main issues and possibilities in key sectors. Recognize the assortment of national, regional, and international green efforts as well as the support services that help to promote green development. Identify international strategies that foster a green economy that is inclusive. Encourage the development of green economies. Implement the concept of a […]

Module 4 Circular Economy for young entrepreneurs

Learning Objectives The course aims to provide students with a rich understanding of the merits and challenges of transitioning to a more resource-efficient and circular economy. Drawing from multiple disciplines, including engineering, management and sustainability sciences, students gain knowledge on underlying principles and visions as well as theory and tools that support the formulation and assessment of resource-efficient and circular measures. By exploring real-world examples, students synthesize and apply the knowledge gained. Learning Outcomes  After […]

Module 3 Entrepreneurship Education for young entrepreneurs

Learning Objectives Introduce the concept and meaning of Youth Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Education Define the different trends that impact todays’ world of work Examine the most important soft skills that are needed to meet the demands of new opportunities and challenges. Microsoft stock images Previous Module All Modules Next Module