The partnership



European Network bringing together different organisations advocating for a more innovative, citizen-centered and solidary policies on European and city level.




Cultural Association based in the Calabria region with the aim of raising in all the European citizens the “youth spirit” stressing the importance to develop educational and innovative projects for new processes and put into practice the European policies.

Research organization established in 2005, focused on the promotion of innovation and the enhancement of the entrepreneurial spirit among youth and other groups of the society.

Leading Vocational Training Institutes in Greece providing post-secondary education, with more than 37.500 m2 of infrastructure in various cities in Greece, including one of the most highly profiled Campuses in the Country.

EDUFONS Center for lifelong education

Non-profit civil society organisation with the mission of contributing to the strengthening of the community through the promotion of democratic citizenship, positive valuation differences and non-formal educational programs.


Private NGO from Slovenia, specialized in research and project development in the field of sustainability, comprehending environmental, economic and social dimensions.

Research and Development organization, which focuses on fostering social innovation that can bring about a positive change to local, national, regional, and global entities.

Non-profit Ltd. founded in 2009to provide expertise and technical support
for the implementation of environmental
projects in Western Hungary. IMRO is a significant stakeholder
in the field of environmental education
and awareness raising, energy efficiency,
smart and green consultancy and green

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