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The unemployment rate among 15-24 year-olds reached 17.1 % in January 2021. To battle this sad scenario, a search for alternatives is necessary. Circular economy can add a remarkable number of jobs and stimulate unemployed people to rejoin the workforce.

The project “CI-You: Circular economy youth leaders” intends to foster a sense of initiative and circular entrepreneurship among young people while stimulating them to develop skills needed in the circular economy through training and skills development. The potential for youth to consider self-employment in the circular economy sector has not yet been fully realized in the European Union.

Many young people have circular economy related professional and vocational skills, but not circular entrepreneurial skills. The project idea is about promoting quality circular economy jobs in the consortium’s partner countries, by training the youth with the skills needed in a circular economy. The project will develop circular entrepreneurial skills and self-employment possibilities for the youth by raising awareness about the importance and the potential of circular economy among public administration at regional and local level.

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