Squaring the circle, an article by JUMP Association

Written by Pietro Curatola,  President and founder of JUMP, Project Manager 17/01/2023 Thanks to the EC experts involved by JUMP as a partner in the Erasmus Plus project entitled CI-YOU – Circular Economy Youth Leaders ( Prog. No. 2020-3-BE05-KA205-003110) and in particular thanks to the insights of Professor Umberto Triulzi (La Sapienza – Rome), I was able to learn of the existence of an important study paper produced by World Bank Group staff. “Squaring the […]

The concept of circular economy by MIITR

Written by Sara ZavernikMIITR Slovenia15/01/2023 The world’s population is growing. Along with the growing population (unfortunately) comes a growing demand for resources, which are limited. The extraction and use of the latter have a major impact on the environment, which is relevant for understanding the concept of a circular economy. However, in order to better understand the circular economy itself, it is necessary to define the phenomenon of the linear economy. The linear economy is […]

The Circular Economy Development Programme in Serbia until 2024 was adopted

Written by Ivana Ćuk, President and Founder of EDUFONS – Center for Lifelong Education 14/01/2023 At its session in early December 2022, the Government of Serbia adopted the Circular Economy Development Programme in the Republic of Serbia for the period from 2022 to 2024, as a complex and comprehensive document that defines the areas of waste management, water, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. This document defines the priorities for the next three years and […]

State of development of Circular Economy in Cyprus

Written by Georgia NicolaouEU Project ManagerCenter for Social Innovation12/01/2023 Unfortunately in Cyprus there are no specific laws or regulations which deal with Circular Economy issues and there is a general lack of environmental policies and guidelines. However, Cyprus is under an obligation as a member state of the European Union, to comply with the European laws, and especially with the new draft EU Climate Law and the new Action Plan for a Circular Economy. The […]

Circular Economy Management practices by CSI

Written by Georgia Nicolaou EU Project Manager Center for Social Innovation 12/01/2023 In regards to skills needed to effectively implement and manage CE in companies, several reports and articles deal with co-working management & skills needed to effectively implement and manage circular economy companies. More specifically, according to the European Commission “by 2030, the European Union could record a 30% increase in productivity with the transition to a circular economy, which would simultaneously influence job […]