Written by Giuseppe Perrotti, JUMP Team 

Junior Project Manager and trainer


On 19 and 20/10/2023 CI-You partners on the project met in the beautiful city of Novi-Sad in Serbia, European Capital of Culture 2022.

CI-You has the goal to assemble and disseminate a trainer’s manual to introduce the topic of Circular economy to the youth generation.
Why would the Circular economy be so important in the future? Because it is a great entrepreneurial opportunity for the future, a new business model and not least, a sustainable business model.

It is no secret that world resources are becoming scarce, that landfills are clogged with our trash, pollution and CO2 emissions have become the main focus of our research. Our product-waste model is creating a dire world for next generations, unless we change something.
The Circular Economy has the aim of doing just that! Creating business solutions that deliver profit with more awareness of ethics and sustainability. It is a mission set to preserve our environment and with it, our health and well-being.

Eight partners are cooperating to make it possible (Education out of the box, Center for social innovation Cyprus, IED, IMRO, AKMI, Edufons, MIITR, Jump) through the implementation and dissemination of a trainer’s manual. The representatives of each group met in Novi-Sad, presented the different activities that will go into the manual and had great fun testing and evaluating them.

The main text of the output is ready, the activities are ready. All I have left to do is to take care of graphic design and presentation.

Stay tuned to know more about the development of the manual and its final release!

And if you are a trainer, be ready to take action and introduce Circular Economy to the next generation of Leaders. 

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