Topic 3 Activities

Inventing business ideas

Be creative! Based on the presented best practices, let’s try to identify any business idea that could be launched within the framework of circular economy.

Hints for trainers:

  1. If possible, split the students into 4 groups of 4-6 members.
  2. Give each group one topic from these options: plastic waste, agriculture, fashion industry, construction sector
  3. Provide students 15 minutes for elaborating an initial project concept with the following focus:
    • What they want to recycle?
    • How they want to recycle?
    • How they want to reuse the recycled materials?
    • What is the economic benefit in recyling and reusing the choosen materials?
    • What are the «back stage», «front stage» and «value proposition» elements?
  1. Present the business ideas!