The experience of the creation of the Outputs 2 coworking between partners: IED, JUMP and Out of the Box International

By Erika Gerardini Project Manager, JUMP Team 26/01/2023 It took a lot of time preparing the kit of outputs composed by the “Circular Economy Business Model” and the “Training Curriculum” which is itself divided into Mircrostructure and Macrostructure.  IED has been leading the process starting in August 2021 and ended in September 2022.  Main goals of the IO2 have been: Utilize the key findings collected in IO1: ‘A-state-of-the-art analysis for the conceptualization of the ‘Circular […]

IO1: A state-of-the-art analysis for the conceptualization of the “Circular Economy Business Model”

Written by Ufuk Bal  International Expert on Youth Mainstreaming, Out of the Box International 24/01/2023 Let’s present the first important results of the CI-YOU project.  The starting point of the CI-YOU consortium was to develop and conduct a comprehensive desk research and compilation report including all actors in the thematic space of Circular Economy (CE). The research will further be the baseline and foundation for the CE Business Model and other outputs of the innovative […]

CI-You Project: the experience of the ToT in Serbia from the perspective of a trainer

Written by Giuseppe Perrotti, JUMP Team  Junior Project Manager and trainer 15/11/2022 On 19 and 20/10/2023 CI-You partners on the project met in the beautiful city of Novi-Sad in Serbia, European Capital of Culture 2022. CI-You has the goal to assemble and disseminate a trainer’s manual to introduce the topic of Circular economy to the youth generation.Why would the Circular economy be so important in the future? Because it is a great entrepreneurial opportunity for […]

Circular Economy project. Press Release – Output 1. The survey by JUMP

Written by Sonia Simpatico, JUMP Team Junior Project Manager 01/09/2021 The project Ci-You “Circular Economy Youth Leaders”, funded by the Erasmus Plus program involves seven EU and non-EU countries; the association Jump – Gioventù in riSalto in fact represents Italy in a strategic partnership that includes other organizations from Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia. The ambitious 24-month project aims to promote a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among young people and stimulate them […]

1st Press release from the leader Out of the Box International

Written by Augustė Taruškaitė Project Coordinator 01/06/2021 Out of the Box International, together with partners from Cyprus (CSI), Greece (IED & AKMI), Hungary (IMRO), Serbia (EDUFONS), Italy (JUMP) and Slovenia (MIITR) have launched the “CI-You: Circular economy youth leaders” project.  The CI-You Project aims to foster a sense of initiative and circular entrepreneurship among young people and to stimulate them to develop skills needed in the circular economy through training and skills development.  Marko Paunovic, […]