Topic 1 What is Green Economy?

A green economy is described as a low-carbon, resource-efficient, and socially inclusive economy that strives for sustainable development while minimizing environmental hazards and managing ecological scarcities.

The goals of a green economy include ensuring equity across and among generations as well as reducing poverty. The interests of underrepresented populations and economically disadvantaged groups are taken into consideration while designing policies pertaining to a green economy.

A green economy is primarily motivated by the aim to increase employment and income through investments that guarantee that the infrastructure and assets allow for decreased carbon emission and pollution, improved energy and resource efficiency, and biodiversity preservation.

The green economy aims to provide money and assets to the disadvantaged sectors of the population, ensure equal wealth distribution among the present generation and promote fully sustainable development. Arguing that achieving sustainable development requires strong governance as a necessary condition.

Watch this video by Greenpeace UK introducing Green Economy