Topic 3 Empowering Young people become Green Entrepreneurs

Personal development:

fostering optimistic attitudes and mindsets through leadership development, soft-skills training and mentoring.

Business development:

access to markets, funding and networks.

Enabling environment facilitation:

with ongoing aftercare to support the young person even after their initial training has completed, technical instruction and advice on how to launch and run a successful business are provided.

Additional needs to support Green Entrepreneurs

  • Assistance with fusing interests with a professional goal.
  • Teaching perseverance and patience to create a market for original and creative concepts.
  • The ability to “sell” impact through storytelling.
  • Examples of people who have achieved both social and environmental effect.
  • Advice on selecting the appropriate legal form.
  • Education that incorporates impact-focused business models and/or theory of change.
  • Business impact measurement abilities.
  • Technical advice that is specific.
  • An understanding of and connections to the various funding alternatives accessible to green and ethical enterprises.
  • Specialized assistance in creating new markets for reducing products and services.
  • Conferences, hackathons and networking events that are environmentally friendly.