Topic 2 Getting into Green Entrepreneurship

We might easily claim that starting a green business is now simpler than ever. We observe that individuals are more likely to support social and green businesses when the environmental problem and the pandemic crisis are taken into account.

An answer to the question “how does my company help solve environmental and social problems?” is ultimately necessary for a young entrepreneur. There are numerous ways to accomplish it. All you have to do is allow innovation and creativity to work together.

The wonderful thing about contemporary green entrepreneurship is that there are now more viable concepts available thanks to modern technologies. Today, people can create new models using cutting-edge technology that will save energy, address current concerns, and, of course, forecast potential problems in the future.

Watch this video by Sarah Brown at TEDxYouth@IFTA talking about Green Entrepreneurs-Money Makers and World Changers

We can once more see the value of education and how it may improve procedures and activities. Entrepreneurs who want to become green entrepreneurs must educate themselves on all existing problems and technology that could assist in their resolution. They will need to determine the nature of their enterprise and develop activities catered to their area of expertise.



The most crucial requirement is that green entrepreneurship have a lasting effect. When we talk about sustainable development and perhaps improving and changing current habits, it is not an option to build a solution to a problem that will simply no longer be relevant in the next few years.

The majority of today’s business owners and entrepreneurs are attempting to go above and beyond the idea of sustainable development. The key to sustainable development is maintaining stability. The ecology must not be harmed by today’s activities, and whenever possible, we should return to an earlier time when there was no threat.

Though many people believe that sustainability is not the goal, the world is changing. Instead of going back to the old ways, they think that all future innovations and improvements should concentrate on modifying practices and procedures.

Of course, this might have a significant impact for green entrepreneurship. But for the time being, it seems like businesspeople are still doing green entrepreneurship according to the sustainable development model. We won’t be able to determine which approach is the most effective or how Green Entrepreneurship will evolve in the years to come unless we have quantifiable results.