Topic 2 Principles of Green Economy

Principal 1: The Wellbeing Principle

“All humans may create and experience success thanks to a green economy.”

Principal 2: The Justice Principle

“In-group and intergenerational equity are encouraged by the green economy.”

Principal 3: The Planetary Boundaries Principle

“The green economy protects, restores, and finances the environment.”

Principal 4: The Efficiency and Sufficiency Principle

“The goal of the green economy is to promote sustainable production and consumption.”

Principal 5: The Good Governance Principle

“The institutions that build up the green economy are cohesive, responsible, and strong.”

The green economy represents a fundamental shift in the way things are done around the world. It will necessitate a significant change in the government's priorities. Although accepting this transition is difficult, it is essential if we are ever to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.