Topic 2 Magic triangle: LCT, LCA and CE

The best way to start any Circular Economy adoption process is to start with a systems mindset and Life Cycle Thinking approach.

  • an extracted thinking tool built on the knowledge generated by the scientific investigations of LCA
  • does not require an expert with deep knowledge of the science — a basic level understanding is enough — but it is a thinking and decision-support tool that expands the perspective of a one-dimensional view (such as waste or materials or transport) to the entire life of the product, all the way back to the extraction of raw materials and all the way into the future of potential end of life realities
  • helps to develop and advance a systems mindset to solve complex problems and transition to the Circular Economy

“It is like a magic mindset that provokes a producer to be thinking about cause and effect, consequences and potential, well before anything has happened, so that the decisions made ultimately allow for maximising the environmental benefits of what is created.”

“You need to want to discover the hidden world of how things are made in order to absorb the new thinking tools.”

Leyla Acaroglu (5 March 2018). A Guide to Life Cycle ThinkingDisruptive Design. Retrieved 3 June 2022.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay